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Are you looking for a job?

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Hire temporary staff with Adia 

This is how it works
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Create your profile and get started.

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Book temporary staff.

Select the job profile you need and enter the shifts, hourly rates and the relevant qualifications needed.

Browse through, take your pick and recruit temporary staff. 

Once you created the assignment, the matching profiles will be listed and you can hire with one click.




Keeping track
of time sheets.

It’s super easy: Workers can check in and out themselves

via the app. 

Confirm, rate and make a list of your favourites.

As the company of deployment, all you have to do is check and confirm the time sheets. Afterwards, you rate each worker via the star system and select your favourites. 



What do our clients like about us?


Available anytime and anywhere

We are ready when you are. You can create vacancies at any time and on any device, thus ensuring you find the right temporary staff for the right time and the right place. 


You are in control

You determine the hourly rate, confirm applicants and change shifts when everything does not go to plan.

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It’s convenient

Payroll administration and employer risk? We take care of that.


Free platform

You only pay when you hire someone.



Profiles, wages and ratings – they’re all transparent. Without any small print. 


We are here for you

You can reach our support team from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays on: +41 22 539 13 39

Would you like

to know more about how our platform works? 

We can drop by your premises and give you a demo of the platform.

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Save time and money

with Adia

How does this work?

The answer is simple – by magic! (Ok, we admit, we use

an algorithm). Using our platform, you can find flexible staff

to work short term or long term on an hourly basis, thus ensuring you always have a full roster of staff and without having to hire your own workers.


We are constantly improving the algorithm so that you are always presented with the right choice of candidates.

You save time, as the algorithm can compare the levels

of experience, hours of availability and ratings of temporary workers in just a few seconds.

Checking on the state of your affairs via your tablet

in the kitchen, booking a couple of additional chefs

on your smartphone while on the tram or maintaining

an overview in peace on your PC – these are just a few aspects that our clients value.


You will not miss waiting on calls from recruitment agencies either, as you can now keep track of the vacancy yourself and no questions remain unanswered thanks

to the transparency.

Hotel Seeburg Luzern

“Competent, quick and flexible –

that's Adia.” 

Client feedback

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In a nutshell

Adia will help you find qualified temporary staff
without any administrative hassle.