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Work and earn money


Hire staff and save time.

Adia is the digital platform for flexible work – specialising in temporary jobs.
Simply register and you will immediately receive personalised job offers or be able
to hire flexible temporary staff.

For workers

For businesses

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Receive job offers online

You will receive personalised job offers that match your skills, hours of availability and location preferences.


Flexible, self-determined and varied

You determine when and where you want to work. 

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Earn money quickly under fair working conditions

During your assignment, your social security insurance will be covered and you will receive your wages 

within 48 hours. 


We made it super easy to hire temporary staff

Qualified and flexible Adia temporary staff are

ready to work.


Intelligent matching algorithm

View all of the suitable candidates for a job at a glance and hire staff with just one click.

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Free platform

You will only incur costs once you hire temporary staff.


QR-Code einscannen und Adia App Installieren.

Flexible temporary staff and a wide range of temp jobs in various sectors

Are you an experienced chef and would like to work on a flexible basis? 

And you?

Ah, you're looking for temporary staff for your event on Thursday … and you're on the hunt for trained service staff to work weekends only?

Are you a passionate event assistant and have experience working at a number of trade fairs? 

The job app from Adia helps bring together job seekers and companies on equal terms,

thus allowing them to benefit from each another.

Ready to be the boss

of your own schedule?

Let us show you how.

Save time and money with flexible workers?

This is how:

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