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Exciting  temporary event allrounder jobs 

Work flexibly in Switzerland. 

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Use the Adia job app to find event allrounder vacancies 

Adia helps you to work flexibly anywhere in Switzerland, enabling you to earn money whilst gaining valuable experience to help you further your career. Adia is the optimum job search platform that allows you to work flexibly and select temporary jobs to suit your current schedule. Adia will help you find just the right temporary event

allrounder job. 


Working at events can be varied and demanding. Event allrounder have to be able to take responsibility for ensuring that everything runs completely smoothly. You need to be particularly reliable when it comes to technical matters and be able to demonstrate good technical expertise. It’s great when everything goes to plan, the guests are having a great time and the event is a resounding success. You can help make all this happen.


Depending on the type of assignment, other skills and jobs may be required, for example, providing a friendly welcome to guests at entrance points, ensuring that the cloakroom is well managed or ensuring that the event is set up and dismantled smoothly.  


Download the Adia job app and get started! You will become familiar with your duties, receive a fair hourly wage and get to know a variety of companies.


You can decide where you want to work as a temp and how many hours you want to work. 

Simply enter your mobile number and get the download link for the app.

Working as an event allrounder is very varied. Summary of main tasks and responsibilities: 

Helping the event team set up and dismantle equipment at the event as well as helping to install technical equipment 

Cloakroom management 

Assisting with accreditation 

Preparing the venue, for example, preparing drinks and assembling furniture

You may also be required to assist with general cleaning duties at the venue 

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Your profile:

Depending on the assignment and areas of responsibility, qualifications or extensive

experience in this area would be advantageous 

Reliable, flexible and always keen to try something new 

Conscientious, open-minded and committed  

A genuine and reliable team player 

Good knowledge of German and English; other foreign

languages would be beneficial 

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Have you no experience or maybe only a little experience of working in event management? Can you see yourself working as an event allrounder and are you interested in the previously described tasks and responsibilities?


Take a look at the jobs on Adia and take up an opportunity to try a new career. If you are already a very experienced event allrounder or have even completed professional or technical training with EFZ certification (Swiss certificate of proficiency), then you are certain to find an exciting event management job on Adia. 

Flexible working. The simple way to earn money.

With the Adia job app.

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Personalised job offers


Fair employment relationships

You will receive job offers that match your skills, hours of availability and location preferences. 

During your assignment, you are covered

by social security insurance (occupational

and non-occupational accidents and sick pay).



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Fast payment  

You are informed of your hourly rate, your tasks

and the dress code in the job description.

No surprises whatsoever!

After confirmation of your time sheet, we will pay your wages within 48 hours. Oh yeah!




Rating system

You determine when and where you are working. Don’t want to work on Mondays? Then don’t work on Mondays.

Take the opportunity to rate the company you were assigned to after each job. Your performance can also be rated by the company to which you were assigned – do your best and pick up a five-star rating.


Simply enter your mobile number and get the download link for the app.

The Adia job app helps you find temporary jobs as a host/hostess quickly and easily. 

Working as a host/hostess at trade exhibitions is varied and exciting. Hosts and hostesses are sought after for events and trade exhibitions all across Switzerland, particularly in big cities such as Zurich, Bern, Basel and Geneva. 


The varied nature of host/hostess work is especially appealing. Tasks range from welcoming and looking after visitors, promotion, product promotion on the exhibition stand as well as catering and serving duties. This means you are responsible for the guests’ catering requirements. Does this sound interesting to you?


Then Adia is highly likely to have just the right job for you. 


Adia helps you to work flexibly, enabling you to earn money on an hourly basis whilst gaining valuable experience to help you further your future career.


You can decide which shifts you want to work and whether you wish to work at one or several trade exhibitions according to what suits your current schedule. 

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