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About us 

The Adia team, its history and a few fun facts

What motivates us

and how Adia came about

We strive every day to make flexible work possible – so that everyone can work when and where they are needed.  

We do this by eliminating the biggest obstacles to this goal: time and lack of transparency. Companies need support

on short notice and are left sitting on unfinished work if they cannot find the right people. On the other hand, many flexible workers still have to plan their lives around a work schedule instead of deciding for themselves when they want to work

or are able to work best.


With our technology, flexible workers know when current assignments that match their skills are open. In this way we create added value overall. We are committed to transparency so that employers and employees themselves can decide

and plan on an equal footing.


Our team

Who we are and what we are like

At this point we could tell the story of how the idea of the Adia platform got its start in a car on an Italian motorway.

It’s a true story, as you can read here. But first some fun facts about the Adia Team.  


“One birthday cake per week” – that’s how big our team is.


We are curious. A bit like Alice in Wonderland.


We speak more than 12 languages. 

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We have one goal:

making the working world more flexible


Our job openings

Who we are still looking to add to our team

Currently we do not have any vacancies, but we are always looking for brilliant people to join our adventure.

If you're looking for new opportunities, then send us an email with your CV and cover letter, plus roles you are interested in to:

Adia, Adecco and what

exactly happened between

Zurich and Milan.

Ernesto Lamaina, Adia’s founder, already had his own start-up when he applied for the position of “CEO for One Month” in Italy in 2015. In this programme, hundreds apply for an internship position alongside the CEO of the Adecco Group. He won, and despite or perhaps because of his way of getting to the bottom of things by asking questions, the Chief Sales and Innovation Officer at the time, Federico Vione, offered him a position afterwards. In the months that followed, Ernesto noticed how the branch offices struggled to find employees in time for short-term assignments. It was a state of affairs that was simply taken for granted as the way things were.

Fast forward to Ernesto and Federico travelling from Milan to Zurich. Trapped in the car, Ernesto took the opportunity to present his idea to Federico: an app that informs temporary employees immediately when a position becomes available – directly on their smartphone and with no delays. Federico listened intently as Ernesto suggested a completely new process, and then he asked him to put it all down on paper. 

The Adecco Group was excited by the prospect of using innovation and a technical solution to overcome a major obstacle. Ernesto thus founded Adia. The start-up within the major corporation that is shaking up the temporary employment market.  

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The Adecco Group 

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