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Find your perfect job with Adia 

Adia is here to help you find just the right temporary job to suit you. We offer temporary jobs across the whole of Switzerland in a range of industries, including logistics, delivery services, retail, events, and the restaurant, catering and hotel sectors.


The Adia Job App – why our users love the Adia app: 

A simple digital platform with everything you need in one app. 

Personalised job offers that enable you to decide when, where and how much you want to work.

Regular updates and directions so you can avoid surprises and ensure you are always well informed.

It’s very easy to clock in and out using the app. Hours worked are recorded clearly and transparently.

Fair rates of pay which are paid quickly into your account 48 hours after your completed shifts are confirmed.

Top temporary jobs in Switzerland
Currently, many restaurants and hotels throughout Switzerland are looking for the following job profiles:

Work as a chef

As a chef, you can work in any position in the kitchen. Whether cold or hot cuisine - everything is possible. At the moment,

experience and/or an apprenticeship as a chef is a plus. We are currently looking mainly for upscale restaurants and luxury hotels.

Work as a kitchen assistant

You'll help out wherever you're needed. As a kitchen assistant, you are always on duty and get to know all areas of the kitchen. You support the chef and the team in all positions. Depending on the structure and organisation, you may also be responsible for preparing meals.

Find service employee jobs in Switzerland

At best, you already have experience in catering or have even an apprenticeship in the restaurant business. Many star hotels and luxury resorts in Switzerland are urgently looking for service staff for their restaurants and if you are always friendly, committed and motivated, Adia is sure to have the right temp job for you.

“It’s really cool that you don’t have to wait long to receive your money. I would gladly recommend Adia anytime.” 

Marco, Chef

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