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Your workers stay, but the admin work is gone 
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What is Payrolling

The name says it all(most).


We take your employees on our payroll.


We take over your employers’ risk and we do all your HR administration.


In a nutshell: you are outsourcing all the work, but you still got the workers you know.


Think of the additional time that you will have available to do.... Whatever it is you do best.


Why payrolling is getting more popular
Benefits at a glance

Relief from

Your staff, but not your admin 

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Your staff, but no

employers risk 


Your staff, when and

where you need them





Timesheets, calculation of bills- it’s all there


Free and accessible 24/7



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Calculating personnel costs?
Easy and transparent at Adia

Would you like to know what it would cost you to hire an

Adia worker?

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Is payrolling for you? 

There are many companies that take advantage from payrolling.

The four main reasons why our clients opt for payrolling are; 

  1. Decrease workload of internal HR 
    They want or need to lighten their inhouse HR staff’s workload and provide them with a tool to manage personnel efficiently.


  2. Optimizing time:
    They prefer focusing in people development and let us calculate hours and pay salaries.


  3. Irregular workload:
    They have their own ( larger pool of ) staff and they need a smart scheduling tool that allows them to plan the staff on long, or more often short, notice according to their changing workload and want to avoid over- or understaffing.  


  4. Fluctuation of staff:
    They have roles which are known for high turnover of staff and they need a system that stabilizes FTES to maintain productivity and are happy to handover the admin that goes with it.  

In short: they want their own pool working when they need them,

but only when they need them. And that’s exactly what payrolling provides.  

It is especially appreciated by companies that have: 

  • Fluctuating workload 

  • Many temporary and/or part-time employees 

  • High turnover of staff 

So what happens when you use Adia’s payrolling service? 


  • We hire your staff 

  • You have a planning tool at your fingertips 24/7. You can plan all the shifts through Adia 

  • Someone is sick, injured or did not show up for work? We do the admin and look for a back-up 

  • All the paperwork? Gone from your desk and inbox. 


AND what if you need more staff?


Maybe with different qualifications? We can also provide you with workers from our pool of flexible workers, to make sure you always got who you need.  

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How payrolling is being used (examples) 

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Restaurant chain 

Most restaurant (chains) have sufficient staff but many of the waiters and barmen are part-timers or work seasonally. That means a lot of time spent on approving shifts and payrolling. Which is why restaurants, hotels and bars really appreciate the flat rate that comes with our payrolling service. 

Logistic centre 

Good planning is at the heart of every logistics centre. With payrolling you can make sure you got enough workers for peaks and less when orders are lower.  

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Chain of shops 

With many part-timers working in different locations, brand chains use Adia as a planning tool and make sure they assign as many or few people to their stores as needed. And handling the payslips that vary every month? They leave that to us as well. 

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Want to know how much it costs? 
Much less then you think it does. We’ll happily send you factsheet with our payrolling factor. 

The factsheet has been sent to your email address!

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You keep your staff and we take on: 



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  • Employment and termination 

  • Covering for sick and accident leave 

  • Payrolling 

  • Work permits 

  • Certificate of employment 

  • Reference letters 

We take care of these direct costs: 

  • Base salary 

  • Compensation fund (Ausgleichskasse)  

  • Social contributions (OASI (AHV/AVS) etc.) 

  • Holiday compensation 

  • Accident insurances 


Indirect costs: 

  • Employer's risk 

  • HR time spent on administration 

  • Improving speed to find available workers 

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