Hire retail staff 

Find flexible temporary staff for your store, pop-up shop or outlet. 

Are you looking for short-term and temporary retail staff? Adia can help you find the right temporary employees to suit your requirements. 

The busy Christmas period is fast approaching. All your well-laid plans are in place and you have already booked additional temporary staff through Adia. But an impromptu sales promotion has been announced and you need to quickly increase your staffing levels. 


How and where are you supposed to find the right kind of staff to fill your vacancies so quickly?

Adia has got you covered! We provide a fast and flexible service. Try us and our platform out. 




Via our very easy-to-use digital interface: select the job profile, set the shifts and start hiring. Whether you use the app or do it online, it’s as easy as pie. 

The benefits of Adia:

Adia’s flexible service enables you to hire temporary staff to suit your personnel needs 

You can find the right temporary staff efficiently and without having to spend a great deal of time or money in doing so 

You will be as well-prepared as possible during times when you need a lot of staff, e.g. during the busy Christmas period 

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The retail industry experiences both busy and somewhat slower months in the same way as most other sectors.

Yet in the retail business, trade can often fluctuate from one day to the next. For example, shops on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich are usually busier on Saturdays. It’s the same scenario in the historic centre of Bern and other Swiss towns and cities. It’s on these days that your permanent staff need additional support. 

This is where Adia comes in. We can provide temporary staff to help lighten the load.  

Sign up for a non-binding trial period and test the Adia platform for yourself – you will only be charged after you have placed members of staff through us.

Or would you like to schedule a demo?

We would be happy to show you our platform! 

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Adia is the go-to digital platform in Switzerland for flexible work.

The Adia platform is a fast, simple and transparent way to find the right personnel.

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Want to know more about our pricing and product options?


Whether you're looking for a rookie, someone with experience or a professional, Adia can find the right candidate for every position 


These candidates have minimal or some experience in the retail business. Experience is not absolutely necessary, so the position might offer a good opportunity for career changers.

Experienced worker:

These candidates already have one to two years’ experience in the retail trade, perhaps as a sales advisor or shop assistant. Completion of professional training is not absolutely necessary for this level.

Professional with

vocational training:

These candidates can provide proof that they have completed professional training. This may include training as a retail specialist (Swiss Federal VET Diploma, EFZ). In addition to being able to provide standard customer and sales support, they can also assist with merchandising or support the branch manager.

The Adia retail job profile: 

Shop Assistant

You're not looking for staff, but would like a job in retail? 

Then step right this way! 

Hiring temporary staff through Adia is easy:

This is how it works
an order

Select the roles you need, dates and times, pay rates, and any qualifications required.


Select matching, vetted candidates and hire with a few clicks.

and rate

Confirm timesheets, rate workers and save your favourites for next time.




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Would you like to know exactly how the platform works? We would be happy
to visit you personally
to present the
Adia platform
to you.

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