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Find a job as a shop assistant

A fast, flexible and simple way to find a temporary job in retail. 

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With the Adia Job App, you can find a temporary job as a shop assistant, cashier or inventory assistant in retail - when you need it. 

With Adia, you can work flexibly as a temp all over Switzerland, find jobs easily and earn money quickly. As a shop assistant, you will mainly be employed in the retail trade. Depending on the company you work for, it may also be possible to work in a kiosk or in a petrol station shop.  

As a retail sales assistant, you have direct contact with customers and are convincing in personal sales talks. You are friendly, open and good with people.


Depending on the job description, you may also be employed at the cash register. Here you are responsible for correct cashiering and product presentation in the checkout area. Or you are responsible for tidying and restocking the shelves - especially in large stores and supermarkets, these are crucial tasks and jobs.


Some companies are also looking for specific temporary workers for stocktaking. In this area, too, Adia offers you a variety of temporary jobs.


Do you have little or no experience in the retail trade? Then take the plunge and enter a new sector to further your professional development. You will gain new experience and get to know different companies. 


With Adia, you can easily find the temporary job that suits your current life situation and interests via the job app.  

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: In the Adia app, we combine all of the above job profiles under salesperson. So even if you are interested in jobs as a cashier, restocker or inventory assistant, select the job profile: shop assistant.

Simply enter your mobile number and get the download link for the app.

Shop assistant – summary of main tasks and responsibilities: 

Advising customers during the purchasing process

Receiving and checking goods deliveries

Checkout duties 

Ensuring the sales floor looks attractive

Ensuring the store is neat and tidy 

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Your profile:

Training as a retail specialist would be advantageous  

Highly motivated personality 

Reliable and customer-focused – you care about giving a great service

A smart personal appearance and a friendly manner

Good communication skills and you enjoy working directly with


More job profiles in retail 
Summarised in the Adia App as Shop assistant

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Your main tasks:

  • Operating the cash register and correctly scanning the goods 

  • Familiarisation with the cash register system of the respective shop

  • Depending on the company, you will also be responsible for shelf maintenance and product presentation in the checkout area.

Your profiile:

  • You can quickly familiarise yourself with new systems, such as the cash register system of the respective shop

  • You are friendly, conscientious and efficient

  • You like customer contact and enjoy working in the front office


Your main tasks:

  • Orderly placement of goods on shelves and on the floor

  • Responsible for correct replenishment of shelves according to operational guidelines

  • Maintaining order on the shelves

  • Getting products for the customers from the shelves or the warehouse

  • Good knowledge of the shop's assortment and where to find individual goods

Your profiile:

  • You quickly find your way around new structures

  • You are conscientious, attentive and efficient

  • You are helpful and like contact with customers

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Retail Illustration

Temp staff for inventory​

Your main tasks:

  • Stocktaking per article by counting

  • Correct operation of a data collection device

  • Depending on the company, you may work with electronically devices or in analogue mode

Your profiile:

  • You are flexible and can also work at weekends or in the evening.

  • A good understanding of numbers is a must

  • You work accurately and independently

If you would like to work as a Shop assistant, cashier, stocker or for inventory - please chose in the Adia App the job role Shop assistant.
Request link

Simply enter your mobile number and get the download link for the app.

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Are you looking for job opportunities in the retail sector? It doesn't matter if you are a rookie, a career changer or have even trained as a retail specialist with EFZ certification (Swiss certificate of proficiency).


Or maybe you worked already as a shop assistant with EBA certification (Swiss federal vocational certificate) – the Adia job app will help you find just the right temporary job, work flexibly and get to know a variety of companies.   

Flexible working. The simple way to earn money.

With the Adia job app.

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Personalised job offers


Fair employment relationships

You will receive job offers that match your skills, hours of availability and location preferences. 

During your assignment, you are covered

by social security insurance (occupational

and non-occupational accidents and sick pay).



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Fast payment  

You are informed of your hourly rate, your tasks

and the dress code in the job description.

No surprises whatsoever!

After confirmation of your time sheet, we will pay your wages within 48 hours. Oh yeah!



You determine when and where you are working. Don’t want to work on Mondays? Then don’t work on Mondays.


Rating system

Take the opportunity to rate the company you were assigned to after each job. Your performance can also be rated by the company to which you were assigned – do your best and pick up a five-star rating.

Request link

Simply enter your mobile number and get the download link for the app.

Use the Adia job app to find the right temporary job as a shop assistant in the retail sector just when you need it. 

Adia helps you to find flexible temporary jobs anywhere in Switzerland. It’s a simple way to find work and earn money quickly. Shop assistant jobs are usually available in the retail sector. Depending on the assignment, you may also be required to look after a sales counter or assist in a service station shop.  

When working as a shop assistant, you will engage directly with customers and be able to discuss the products on sale with them in a persuasive way. You are friendly, open and are able to get on well with others. Do you have no experience or maybe only a little experience of working in retail? Why not take up an opportunity to try working in a new sector and further your career? It is a great way to gain new experience and get to know a variety of companies.

Depending on the type of business, your main tasks and responsibilities include advising customers, stocking shelves, displaying merchandise and serving customers at the cash desk. 


The Adia job app is a very easy way to find the temporary job which most suits your current circumstances and interests. 


Download the Adia app and get started!


You will receive a fair hourly rate, whilst gaining valuable experience for your future career. You can decide which jobs you want and which hours suit you best. 

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