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Use our job app to find the right temporary job as a promoter just when you need it.  

Promoters are needed all across Switzerland. Trade fairs, events and concerts take place all over the country, including Zurich, Bern, Basel and Geneva.


Adia is here to help you find just the right promotion job right when you need it. 


Adia enables you to find flexible work paid on an hourly basis. It’s a fast and simple way to earn money, whilst you gain new and varied experience to help you develop your future career. As a promoter, you may be responsible for distributing flyers, product presentations or handing out product samples.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started out distributing flyers or if you have already had a few jobs as a promoter – Adia has a large selection of exciting temporary jobs to suit you.   

Simply enter your mobile number and get the download link for the app.

Promoter – summary of main tasks and responsibilities: 

Understand and convey sales arguments for specific target groups 

Explain product information in a professional way 

Distribute flyers in Swiss towns and cities and give product presentations at events (depending on job assignment)

Carry out promotion for specific target groups

Your profile:

Experience of working in promotion would be advantageous 

Depending on the assignment, training as a sales advisor would be beneficial 

You are motivated, personable and can inspire others 

You can cope easily at concerts and large events 

A smart personal appearance and a friendly manner  

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Promotional work and flyer distribution are a fast and convenient way to make some extra money. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, have already done temporary work as a promoter or have even trained as an event coordinator – the Adia app will help you find just the right temporary job to suit you.


This will also help you gain valuable experience and kick-start your career in promotion.

Flexible working. The simple way to earn money.

With the Adia job app.

Personalised job offers

You will receive job offers that match your skills, hours of availability and location preferences. 

Fair employment relationships

During your assignment, you are covered

by social security insurance (occupational

and non-occupational accidents and sick pay).


Fast payment  

You are informed of your hourly rate, your tasks

and the dress code in the job description.

No surprises whatsoever!

After confirmation of your time sheet, we will pay your wages within 48 hours. Oh yeah!


You determine when and where you are working. Don’t want to work on Mondays? Then don’t work on Mondays.

Rating system

Take the opportunity to rate the company you were assigned to after each job. Your performance can also be rated by the company to which you were assigned – do your best and pick up a five-star rating.

Simply enter your mobile number and get the download link for the app.

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