Flexible temporary staff for your events 

Hiring temporary staff from Adia will ensure your meetings, trade exhibitions and events are a resounding success. 

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Trade exhibitions and large events are usually scheduled ahead of time, so it is normally easy to plan your personnel requirements well in advance.

 Does your company have a permanent pool of staff, which you then supplement with temporary staff during larger events? Adia is on hand to help you hire temporary staff for events anywhere in Switzerland. Whether Zurich, Bern or Basel – we’ve got you covered!

Adia can also help you fulfil your short-term staffing requirements. Do you find yourself suddenly having to manage additional events or struggling to manage when a member of your team is absent? 


Adia can help you quickly find additional hostesses, events personnel and serving staff. 

Sign up for a non-binding trial and test the Adia platform for yourself – you will only be charged after you have placed members of staff through us.


Or would you prefer to talk with us in person?

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Book short-term temporary staff with Adia.

It’s not easy spending the entire day on your feet, remaining calm in stressful situations and taking responsibility for ensuring every aspect of the event is a success. You need a great crew because it’s impossible to organise successful events without many helpful hands on board. 

Why not relieve the load and book additional staff for specific projects? You will take the strain off your permanent members of staff, whilst you reap the benefits of having enthusiastic and qualified temporary personnel. 

Use Adia to find qualified and flexible temporary staff right when you need them. 

How does it work?


Through our digital platform: select the job profile, specify the duties, set the shifts, find temporary staff and start hiring. Whether you use the app or do it online, it’s as easy as pie. 

The benefits of Adia:

 You can find the right temporary staff for your event efficiently without having to spend a great deal of time or money doing so. 

You can view all the profiles and reviews. This makes it easy to choose the right temporary employees for the job.

Our platform never sleeps, so you can book staff any time of the day or night.

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Transparent, digital and simple:

Adia matches temporary staff to the right jobs, just when they are needed.

Whether you're looking for a rookie, someone with experience or a professional, Adia can find the right candidate for every position 


These candidates have minimal or some experience working in the events industry. However, they are keen to gain experience and once they have received some training, they can gradually take on more challenging tasks. 

Experienced worker:

these candidates already have one to two years’ experience of working as an event coordinator, host/hostess or promoter. For example, they may have worked at trade exhibitions, concerts or other events.

Professional with

vocational training:

 in order to register with us as a professional, these candidates must provide evidence that they have completed professional training for the relevant job with a diploma or EFZ training (Swiss certificate of proficiency). For example, this may include roles within the events industry such as event manager, event coordinator or stagehand.

You're not looking for staff, but would like a job in the events industry? 

Then step right this way! 

The Adia job profiles for the event industry: 











Hiring temporary staff through Adia is easy:

This is how it works
Create an order

Select the roles you need, dates and times, pay rates, and any qualifications required.


Select the job profile you need and enter the shifts, hourly

rates and the relevant

qualifications needed.

and rate

Confirm timesheets, rate workers and save your favourites for

next time.




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to visit you personally
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Adia platform
to you.

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