Hire flexible and qualified temporary staff for your logistics requirements with Adia.

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You need good employees who are organised and can get the job done properly all year around. However, you don’t always need the same amount, right?

You already know when your high season is, but things can suddenly really pick up even at other times -- and then what? Precisely, then you need temporary staff at short notice with as little effort as possible. And that’s what you will find at Adia. 


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Do you need flexible temporary staff?

Adia has the right temporary employees for you.

Holidays and sick leave – these are just two of the many reasons why companies can face staff shortages. After all, how and where are they supposed to find suitably qualified staff so quickly? On our platform, you can find and book logistics assistants, warehouse all-rounders and drivers in no time at all. For as long or as short as required.

With Adia, you can employ duly qualified and flexible temporary staff, no matter whether for the annually recurring high season or in case of an unexpected peak in the order situation.


Via a very easy-to-use digital interface: select the job profile, set the shifts and start hiring. Very straightforwardly via the smartphone app or conveniently on your computer.

The benefits of Adia:

With Adia, you can successfully solve short-term staff shortages at your company.

You can find the right temporary staff efficiently without having to spend time or money.

You can see all profiles and reviews. This makes it easy to choose the right temporary employees for the job.

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Being able to find flexible staff quickly and easily is exactly what our customers appreciate about Adia.

Whether you’re looking for a rookie, someone with experience or a professional, Adia has the right qualified candidate for every position.


These candidates have little to some experience in logistics or driving services, but this isn’t absolutely essential. They can take over simple tasks at the beginning and will learn by doing.

Experienced worker:

These candidates already have one or more years’ experience working as a logistics assistant, warehouse all-rounder or driver. They are capable of taking care of medium-level tasks and work independently.

Professional with

vocational training:

In order to register with us as a pro, the candidate must provide evidence of completed vocational training as a logistics assistant, warehouse all-rounder or driver with a diploma or EFZ training (Swiss certificate of proficiency).

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The Adia job profiles for the logistics industry:





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Hiring temporary staff through Adia is very easy:

an order

Select the roles you need, dates and times, pay rates, and any qualifications required.


Select matching, vetted candidates and hire with a

few clicks.

and rate

Confirm timesheets, rate workers and save your favourites for next time.




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Would you like to know how exactly our platform works? We would be happy to drop by your premises and give you a demo of the Adia platform.

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